What are Lila Retreats?

There will be time for mom to rejuvenate and relax with other mothers, time for mom to enjoy some meditative alone time, as well as time for moms and children to play, eat, and enjoy the outdoors together. We will have women-only yoga classes, multi-age kids yoga classes, and integrated playful yoga and music time. We will group families into “tribes” at the beginning of the workshop to support each other in having some free time to meditate, hike, enjoy the springs, or a massage. The retreat is organized in a cooperative structure that involves all participants, but allows for unique opportunities for solace, as well.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our first retreat last week at Breitenbush was amazing.  What a beautiful group of parents and kids.   We stood together as independent families, yet being together with a mutual intent of being the most healthy and happy moms and kiddos just felt so supportive and natural.  It seemed to me to be a retreat from what is "normal" to what is most "natural"  in parenting. 

Karen's talk on the emotional intelligence aspect of parenting that creates deep connection with our children was revolutionary from "normal" parenting, yet when taking a moment to really consider the principles, just felt so natural in our hearts.   Karen also taught us the importance of really having a few trusted people in our life who can really listen...without advice or fixing or consoling, but just listening wholeheartedly.  She also taught us the importance of doing this for our children.

Tish's session on holistic family nutrition related specifically to what children need.  This clarified many questions and helped us to remember the importance of healthy fats and less refined, processed foods and sugars, which can be very challenging in the midst of "normal" everyday choices.

Molly's music brought joy and connection...creating many, many sweetest of moments.  Music is so natural to the song of our hearts.

I taught the Yoga of Parenting.   In my experience, to be a better mother and healthier and happier person, I practice mindfulness/breath/presence/Yoga.  Yoga is union or connection.  Yoga is not limited to poses by any means and it does not have to be practiced by stepping on a mat.  Taking a walk in nature.  Taking time to play with your child.  Taking time to just sit and relax.   These are important rejuvenating practices that unite us with what is true and whole within us... the wisdom and pulse of our hearts, or our "heart meter".   I often say, "Our heart pumps blood to itself first before it pumps blood to the rest of the body....when we listed to the wisdom of our hearts, we live life with more ease, harmony and balance.  We are able to have more compassion, understanding and to listen wholeheartedly more."

We hope you can join us next year as we continue our journey into the divine play of parenting.

Love, Steph

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