What are Lila Retreats?

There will be time for mom to rejuvenate and relax with other mothers, time for mom to enjoy some meditative alone time, as well as time for moms and children to play, eat, and enjoy the outdoors together. We will have women-only yoga classes, multi-age kids yoga classes, and integrated playful yoga and music time. We will group families into “tribes” at the beginning of the workshop to support each other in having some free time to meditate, hike, enjoy the springs, or a massage. The retreat is organized in a cooperative structure that involves all participants, but allows for unique opportunities for solace, as well.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lila - The Yoga of Parenting Workshop at Flow

Essentially, we are all good, and we are all good enough. Parenting is challenging and rewarding...covers the spectrum of pure heaven and, even, sometimes, total hell. We are all doing our best...but, what if, through practices like mindfulness, awareness, and presence,... we were to discover that time for parents equals real time for kids and happier and healthier families overall?

Through principles of Yoga and Emotional Intelligence research we will learn in this workshop that "practice" allows for imperfection. We practice, we do our best in any given moment, and we continue to practice. In the practicing, we can accept that we are whole even in our states of imperfection...we are good enough, yet we are always open to discover more about ourselves and our children and their unique needs and natural development. Finally, support is essential to good parenting, and we will learn how to get the support we need, as parents.

Karen Murphy, a Parenting by Connection Instructor, will lead inquiry and discussion into how a healthy parent-child connection enables a child to fully access his intelligences, abilities, confidence, and innate joy. When children feel connected, they learn readily, love easily, and become caring leaders among their peers.

Stephanie Adams, mother of three kids ages 3-20, and Yoga teacher and trainer for 17 years, will lead us into inquiry into our deeper selves to enable us to become more connected to what is natural for us and who we really truly, authentically are. Connecting to ourselves is essential to connecting to our children.

Sat & Sun, Feb 4-5, 2012 1-4:30 pm
$65 (or $95 for a couple)


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